Anthony Hutcherson


TICA Vice President

I offer my abilities and skill to fulfill the purposes of The International Cat Association.   I will assist the President and fellow members on the mission to improve the lives cats and cat lovers through greater appreciation and understanding. I can deliver progress toward a better TICA through the employ of modern science, greater engagement with academia, increased utilization of corporate support and higher public visibility.   TICA’s history and mission compel us to advocate for the right to enjoy purposefully bred or and household pet cats around the world and I can do more for those causes as your Vice President. 


My focus as TICA Vice President:

  • Support the President to fulfill TICA's Mission

  • Integration of Scientific Community (academic, corporate & amateur) & advancements

  • Increase visibility of TICA

  • Increase & value learning opportunities for Members, Judges &  public throughout the world on means to appreciate, understand and improve the lives of cats

  • Leverage all of the above to validate TICA, cats and the cat fancy as a beneficial and LEGAL part of society

Professional & Personal Experience

Age 7, wanted a pet Ocelot. Using selective, cooperative & scientific breeding to create a domestic version.

  Producer, Horatio Alger Awards

Scripted and produced televised and live events airing on Broadcast Network and PBS.  Script, sequence and execute events in the US Supreme Court, US State Department, US Embassies in Europe, hotels and venues throughout the US, Canada, Spain, France and Monaco

  Communications Specialist

Created, edited & distributed radio, television and print content for regional and national campaigns.  Authored and distributed news releases. 

  Client Monitoring Counselor, Whitman-Walker Clinic for HIV Treatment

Confirmed and counseled newly diagnosed HIV positive clients on range of services available to them. Provided short term case management.  Acted and produced HIV Prevention & Harm Reduction PSAs. Maintained public information and outreach materials.  


Social Work, Associate’s Degree, College of Southern Maryland

Animal Science, Bachelor’s Degree, University of Maryland 

Certification: Genomics & Bioinformatics , analysis, comparison and reporting of genetics  Institute of Genome Science, University of MD, 2016

  •  1995 – Present, TICA Member

  • 1996, Established what would be On Safari

  • 2000 – 2017, Elected Bengal Cat Breed Committee

  • 2009 – 2018, Elected Chairperson TICA Bengal Cat Breed Section

  • Purposely breeding Bengal Cats since 1993

  • Bred & Presented Toygers for CH to TICA Board

  • Exhibited American Bobtail Longhair (Best International Kitten) and Cymric IW Kitten

  • Represented TICA, at request of TICA President, in the media including New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Mail, Seattle Times, FOX News, Martha Stewart Show, Telemundo and many others

  • Wrote TICA’s Coloring Book “All Kinds of Purrfect”

  • Authored many TICA TREND articles, 1995-2017

  • 2017, Elected Mid Atlantic Regional Director

  • Founded Junglelovers and Capital Cat Clubs

  • Produced TICA’s First Education Show, 2017

  • Exhibited in TICA regions all but 2 TICA regions

  • Attended International Canine & Feline Genomics Conferce (2015 & 2017) wrote TREND article

  • Attended Tufts Canine & Feline Genetics & Breeding Conference (2015) wrote TREND article for all members

  • Negotiated and Presented new Mars Veterinary & TICA "State of the Cat" Partnership

  • Requested formation of Marketing Comm. 2015


TICA has made me better; allow me to join the efforts to make TICA better.

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