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Ocelots are my favorite cat!

Ocelots are wild animals and even though they can be friendly, they are not animals that people can live with easily. They deserve a place in the jungle but they sure are inspiring.


Jungletrax Bengals are not part ocelot but through selection and effort the kittens produced here are hopefully looking more and more like those lovely creatures.

Raising Bengal Cats is a fun hobby - from raising litters, to evaluating kittens, showing our best and engaging with cat lovers around the world.  The goal is not to make a profit but to a create beautiful cats that are joys to live with, remarkable to look at and that 


I purchased by first Bengal Cat in 1991 after I had raised Ocicats (including a CFA Grand Champion) and realized that Ocicat breeders didn't really want their cats to look like an ocelot.


In the ensuing years I was never without a Bengal Cat as I completed high school, went to college, started a family and commenced my career.  Many of the people who figure significantly in the development of the Bengal Cat I feel very fortunate to call family.  My passion for and excitement about the Bengal Cat is attributable to Jean Mill, Judy Sugden, Karen Sausman, Earl Shropshire, Libbie Kerr, Leslie Hall, Pat Killmaier, Donna Syverson and many others.

A desire to enjoy nature and wild beauty without risk or harm.

I've always had a fascination with jungles, forests and their exotic denizens.  As a child I was infatuated with stories, movies and especially books that depicted the animals that lived there and the relationship they had with people. The Bengal Cats of Jungletrax allow cat lovers to appreciate the awe inspiring beauty of wild cats without harm to the wild species or risk to the individual.  It is a dream come true. 

Anthony nose to nose with Poet.


  • Held 1996 Mid-Atlantic Bengal Cat Conference that became ON SAFARI

  • Created BREEDER'S CHOICE Awards for breeders to recognize and reward advances in the breed

  • Chairperson, TICA Bengal Cat Breed Committee 2009 to present (elected)

  • Member TICA Bengal Cat Breed Committee 2001 to present (elected)

  • Bengals Illustrated Magazine columnist (2014)

  • Sportsmanship Award, TICA Mid-Atlantic Region 2003 

  • American Breeder Representative, Royal Canin World Cat Conference, 2012 

  • President, The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) 2010-2012

  • Author of many articles about Bengal Cats in the "Bengals Illustrated", "Bengal Bulletin" and "TICA Trend"

  • TICA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director 2016-2019

  • EveryCAT Health Foundation/Winn Feline Foundation Board of Directors 2018-2021

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