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IW SGC Jungletrax Abiding Ovation

Ovation, pictured on the right, showed herself as extra-special even as a baby.  She is from the first litter of her mother, Champion Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair and I was sure I was going to keep one of the four kittens from the litter.  As the kittens grew she was always the most curious and confident. 

Ovation had vivid contrast and the most vibrant rosetting in her litter.  On top of being eye-catching she had the cute habit of standing on her back legs when she saw me, hence her name Ovation.

Ovation was a lovely kitten who successfully competed in 11  TICA shows throughout North America.  She was fun to travel with and a  joy to show.  She ended her kitten career with BEST KITTEN in show from 16 different TICA judges. She was BEST OF THE BEST KITTEN in Show in for the Austin Cat Fanciers and 2ND BEST OF THE BEST KITTEN in show for the International Feline Showcase.


She had a wonderful show career as an adult, earning the highest title possible of Supreme Grand Champion in just 3 shows! December 12, 2014 through April 1, 2015 Ovation showed throughout North America - British Columbia, California, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania.  Ovation earned 30 BEST CAT in show awards from judges in that time.  In that short time, Ovation earned recognition as BEST BENGAL kitten in the world, 6th Best International Kitten of all breeds 2nd BEST Kitten TICA's Mid-Atlantic Region, 15th BEST Short Hair Cat in the world, 2nd BEST CAT TICA's Mid-Atlantic Region and BEST Bengal Cat female in the world.     

Ovation enjoyed showing and traveling with me.  We both hoped that her greatest accomplishment would to help improve the Bengal Cat breed through producing healthy, loving and beautiful offspring like herself.  She has done that, producing IW SGC Jungletrax Justified Prestige, the highest scoring Bengal Cat ever in TICA, RW SGC Jungletrax Undaunted Glory, On Safari Breeder's Choice Best Adult, RW QGA Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair and RW QGC Jungletrax Jefferson of Panache in her very first litter!  

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