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Sometimes I know right away which kitten will stay and sometimes it takes months of observation (and PLAY) to determine which kitten will most likely help me reach my goal and which is available as a companion cat or show and breeding cat for another cattery.


Information is provided about them along with designation into one of the following categories:

PET- a kitten of good health, great temperament. ALL Jungletrax kittens are raised to be great pets.

Sometimes kittens are identified as pets if they have an undesireable trait such as tail kink or white spot of hair (locket).  Pet quality is also the designation for an undesireable color such melanistic (black with black spots) or BLUE (gray with bluish gray spots). All pet kittens are spayed or neutered BEFORE going to their new home.


BREEDER - a kitten of good health, great temperament that has the potential to offer improvement to the breed.


SHOW - a kitten of good health, great temperament that is an example of an outstanding trait and offers improvement to the examples of the Bengal Cat breed.


RETIRED - a cat I kept for breeding but for one reason or another is now available as a pet or altered show cat. Retired cats are all altered prior to placement. 


HEALTH- All kittens and cats are placed with a health guarantee specifically written with each placement agreement.  Kittens are examined by my veterinarian prior to placement.  


SHIPPING - Shipping is possible to most major cities HOWEVER, I prefer you meet the kitten or cat in person and I can meet you.  Generally, it is more expensive to ship than to deliver the kitten or cat to you.


PRICING - Cats and kittens are priceless but taking care of them isn't.  The pricing of kittens and cats reflect the care that has gone into the growth and development of the cats and kittens, maintaining and monitoring the health of my breeding cats and in recognition of the time and effort in placing kittens.

PET - $2000- $3000

BREEDER- $2,000-$5,000*

SHOW- $3,000-$5,000*


* discounts of 25% are provided to those who have given a donation of $500 or more to an AZA accredited zoo or one of my favorite non-profits.

* discounts of 25% are provided to those who already own a Jungletrax Bengal Cat

THIS IS A HOBBY so my goal is not to make a profit but to make sure my kittens and cats find homes with people willing and able to provide for their lifelong care and wellbeing. 



I can't keep them all! As a hobby breeder my goal with every breeding is to produce one kitten that is closer than either parent to the ideal Bengal Cat - the one of my dreams.  My goal is a cat very reminiscent of an ocelot that has an extremely exotic look, is dozens of generations removed from any hybrids that when you reach down to stroke him or her, they roll on their belly and purr loudly.


Temperament, good health and FUN are what excite me in addition to the more and more ocelot looking kittens.  My cats generally have more than the one kitten I bred the litter for and I offer them to people interested in a wonderful feline companion.   

Affinity Knighfall male faces on pink pillow 08192020.JPG

Kittens and cats are NOT COMMODITIES.  These wonderful creatures are living things, animals and as such are born, live (a PURRFECT life I hope) and like all living things eventually die.  Jungletrax will help you determine if one of our felines is an ideal companion for you but ONLY YOU know if you are ready to share your life with a feline that is a unique and distinctive living thing and may have an accident, may even become ill and will eventually no longer live.   NO contract or placement agreement can address all that may happen.  If you don't think you are ready for a long term commitment of fun, love and eventually loss, come back and just enjoy the photos or come play with the cats at a cat show.  

New kittens just born and they are terrific.  I'll be keeping some and some may be 
available in June, July & August

Everly Cynosure male female face whiskers eyes ears on blue pillow 05042022.JPG
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