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Retired Males

These male Bengal Cats were important male cats in the Jungletrax Breeding program that have been retired or I am no longer breeding.  This page is for your reference.

Marquee on log 09202017.JPG
Marquee face on 06252017.JPG

RW SGC Jungletrax Marquee Attraction
Sire: RW DGC Jungletrax Light Saber
Dam: IW OD SGC Jungletrax Abiding Ovation

Marquee is a favorite, a trusting a loving animal from the time he could walk. He has Ovation's eyes, beautiful paw print rosettes and bright white tummy plus sparkling glitter.  The only reason I was able to part with this cat was his even better offspring, primarily Jungletrax Innate Equanimity. .

Honors: Marquee is a Supreme Grand Champion and the 2017/2018 Mid-Atlantic 8th Best Cat of all breeds and Best Bengal Cat. 

Marquee hunt 09072017.JPG

RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Just Rewards

Dam: Jungletrax Sheeted In Satin

Poet is a wonder and was born here.  His flowing rosettes, spotted legs, exotic expression and thick tail absolutely pale in comparison to his completely relaxed and engaging personality.  Poet has sat patiently while being caressed by dozens of loud children, hung upside down in a room full of dogs and purred his way through many television interviews.  He is a SUPER CAT and makes kittens that take after him.

Personality: Ultra laid back and fun loving

Favorite Thing: Sitting on laps and purring

Honors: Poet is a Supreme Grand Champion and the 2010/2011 Mid-Atlantic 9th Best Cat of all breeds. 

RW SGC Jungletrax Just Rewards

Sire: RW SGC Millwood Megabyte

Dam: CH Jungletrax Harlem Renaisance 

Justin is one of the best.  He was retired from breeding after creating a bevy of beautiful sons and daughters to be cherished as companions and exhibited a show halls in Japan, North America and South Africa. Produced from a breeding with Supreme Grand Champion Millwood Megabyte owned by Jean Mill, Justin lived up to and exceeded his lineage. Justin was shown in California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, British Columbia and Oklahoma and demonstrated the gently nature, playful exuberance and vivid beauty of an ideal Bengal Cat.


Honors: Justin is a Supreme Grand Champion and was the 14th Best Cat in TICA's Mid-Atlantic region of 2008/09.

Legacy: Sire to RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice, CH Jungletrax Enduring Acclaim, Jungletrax Summer Dazey and CH Jungletrax Clearly Just.

RW SGC Jungletrax Modern Marvel

Sire: GC Millwood Gigabyte

Dam: CH Jungletrax Glamazon 

Marvel defied the normal and lives up to name. Produced from a breeding with GRC Millwood Gigabyte owned by Jean Mill, he was a wonder from the start.  Marvel's high contrast, flowing pattern, thick tail and small ears won him many awards and honors while showing.  Marvel is a sweet cat who is now retired and is enjoying the "suite-life" with Janet in New York City..


Honors: Marvel is a Supreme Grand Champion and was the 13th Best Cat in TICA's Mid-Atlantic region of 2006/07.

Legacy: Sire to RW SGC Jungletrax Tech Savvy.

CH Jungletrax Clearly Just

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Just Rewards

Dam: Jungletrax Sheeted In Satin

Clearly Just is the repeat breeding of Poet. He is on his way to Kenji in Japan but in the meantime is sharing his dramatic contrast, incredible coat clarity and easygoing personality with a new generation of Jungletrax kittens.  

He is a little different from his brother with larger markings and more significant musculature but that same love everyone personality.

Personality: Super playful

Favorite Thing: female cats

Honors: Clearly Just is the sire of our current prize winning kitten Jungletrax Abiding Ovation. 

RW DGC Bengalislandcat Obidian Oasis

Sire: CH Cazzpurr Jazzman of Bengalislandcat

Dam: Bengalislandcat Belladona

Donna Haynes produced this stunning SBT with small round ears, a thick tail, spotted feet and high contrast. Thank you Donna for sharing him with Karen Sausman and I.  Zumba is now back living with his breeder and making lovely kittens there. 

Zumba, as he was named by Jan Harrell who showed him all over the US and Canada, is captivating. Zumba has never met a stranger and is sharing his easy going nature and dramatic good looks with his kittens.

Personality: Inquisitive and confident

Favorite Thing: feathers

Honors: Zumba is a Double Grand Champion and the 2012/2013 5th Best Kitten of all breeds and Best Bengal Kitten in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Kingsmark Twizzler

Sire: Kingsmark Bronze Leopard

Dam: Kingsmark Miss Armani

Karen Sausman produced this long exotic male.  His father is one of my favorite cats and this male lives up to the legacy. He is named for his extra long body and contorting himself in all shapes when he's asleep. 

Twizzler is not recessive for marble and has already produced some fantastic rosetted kittens with his elegant head and trademark Kingsmark type.

Personality: Twizzler loves women.

Favorite Thing: females in heat

RW SGC Jungletrax Flowmaster

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice

Dam: Jungletrax Firewire Flow

Flowmaster is one of the most exciting kittens ever.  He has the flowing rosetting pattern and shimmering coat of his parents. He looks to be holding his mother's light tummy and best of all has a personality exactly like his father.  

It has been fun to watch him grow, always purring.

Flowmaster is now at Epsilon Bengals.  See his beautiful babies there! 

RW CH Jungletrax Light Saber

Sire: Alibris Oliver of Jungletrax

Dam: Jungletrax Firewire Flow

Bright white tummy, spotted legs, thick tail and the sweetest personality one could ask for make Light Saber something special. 

Half brother to Flowmaster, I'm excited about what this male can produce before going to live with Shelly.

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