Jungletrax Females

IW SGC Jungletrax Abiding Ovation

Sire: CH Jungletrax Clearly Just

Dam: CH Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair

Ovation is one remarkable cat!

RW SGC Jungletrax Undaunted Glory

Sire: RW DGC Bengalislandcat Obsidian Oasis

Dam: IW SGC Jungletrax Abiding Ovation

Glory easily lives up to her name.

More Info about Ovation and Glory

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Grand Champion Acclaim is the daughter of two very special cats.  Acclaim has many of the wonderful attributes of each and her own unique appeal.  She is covered with bright rosettes with glitter to spare made even more special by her white tummy and luminous eyes.  I am looking forward to enjoying her for years to come. 


Personality: Excited about every touch.

Favorite Thing: Being picked up.

Honors: Acclaim is a Champion in just one show..

SPECIAL: Acclaim has kept her white tummy and already shared it with her first kittens.  She is an exciting cat. 

GRC Jungletrax Enduring Acclaim

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Just Rewards

Dam: RW SGC Kingsmark Constant Craving

CH Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice

Dam: RW SGC Kingsmark Constant Craving

Purrpetua has my heart with her wild look but totally loving personality.   There were four kittens in her litter and she was the first to purr and the first to walk over to me.  She is a fun cat with many great traits with my favorites being her dad's personality with her mother's playfulness. 


Personality: Completely engaged, a trip hazard.

Favorite Thing: Moving objects of any kind, TOYlover

Honors: Purrpetua is a Champion.

SPECIAL: Purrpetua is a great mother and produced Ovation in her first litter. 

RW SGC Kingsmark Constant Craving

Sire: Kingsmark Exotic Desire

Dam: Kingsmark Just A Silver Cloud

CC has the flair and appeal of Kingsmark Bengals.   Thank you Karen.  She has all the flair I could want in a relaxed and confident cat.  Her small ears, high contrast, yellow color and white tummy are a wonder on a SBT Bengal Cat. CC has gone on to win at the shows, produce show winners and remain a sweet cat that enjoys sharing moments with me. 


Personality: Very relaxed and confident. She likes men.

Favorite Thing: Toys of any and every kind.

Honors: CC is a Supreme Grand Champion and the 2009/2010 Mid-Atlantic 9th Best Cat of all breeds.

SPECIAL: CC has kept her white tummy, high contrast and rosettes at over 5 years old. 

Jungletrax After Dark

Sire: RW DGC Bengalislandcat Obsidian Oasis

Dam: Jungletrax Satin Swagger

AVAILABLE as a spayed pet 08/2016

After Dark is perfectly behaved until you turn the lights off, hence her name.  This highly contrast and amazingly rosetted female enjoys shreddin all forms of paper when no one is watching. She has large nocturnal eyes, a thick tail and even spots on her toes like her father, Zumba.  I couldn't decide between her or her sister Iris and kept them both.  


Personality: Quiet and polite, until no one is watching.

Favorite Thing: toilet paper or paper towels.


SPECIAL: After Dark has intense golden eyes. This feature and her good nature may be the reason she is a featured cat in Tetsu's Cat Catalog 2015 representing the  Bengal Cat.

CH Gogees Tanis of Jungletrax 

Sire: Gogees American Hero of Amazontw

Dam: Gogees Blissful Daze

Tanis is a wonderful gift from Greg and Denise Abel of Dicaprio Bengals.  I really liked the temperament and features of Tanis when I saw her shown by the Abels. When they decided they would no longer breed her they offered her to me.  Tanis has gorgeous flowing rosettes, bright golden coloring and is always pleasant. She continues to produce exciting kittens. 


Personality: Always pleasant and purring.

Favorite Thing: metal coils.


Honors: Tanis is a TICA champion

CH Jungletrax Electric Slide

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice

Dam: CH Gogees Tanis of Jungletrax

Electric Slide captivates me with each glance. She is the first Poet daugher and from the moment she opened her large round eyes I knew she would stay. Her pattern is distinctive and truly marble.  She has vivid eruptions of color within her marble pattern that glisten in light. She is perhaps a bit spoiled but its purrfectly fine with me.  She has had her first litter of remarkable kittens.


Personality: A bit spoiled, really only likes Anthony, tolerates everyone else. She is a favorite.

Favorite Thing: metal coils.

Honors: Electric Slide is a TICA champion

Jungletrax Tangent Tendency

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice

Dam: CH Gogees Tanis of Jungletrax

Tangent is a wonderful blend of her parents. She has Poet's flowing pattern and the rich rosetting of Tanis. I was looking forward to showing her extensively as a kitten but an eye injury left a scar that prevents me from showing her. Tangent is exceptionally outgoing and loving.  I am excited about how much closer she is to my goal.


Personality: She loves being held and picked up.  She'll climb your leg!

Favorite Thing: Sparkly teasers


Fun Fact: She is one of the easiest to train cats I've ever owned. She jumpts through hoops, over hurdles and comes when called.  Tangent is fantastic.

 RW TGC Jungletrax Bold Face Type 

Sire: Snopride Wurthwild 

Dam: Jungletrax Black Velvet

Type has large luminous eyes and outstanding contrast.  She was born in 2008 from a stud service with a small eared, thick tailed sweet cat owned by Pat Killmaier and was exactly what I hoped for.   She had a great show career and is a wonderful queen. 


Personality: Easy going and always happy!

Favorite Thing: FEATHERS.