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Jungletrax Females

Ovation in leaves 5 months old_edited.jpg

IW OD SGC Jungletrax Abiding Ovation born 2014
Sire: CH Jungletrax Clearly Just
Dam: CH Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair
Ovation is one remarkable cat! Ovation makes remarkable and groundbreaking offspring. She earned the TICA's OD (Outstanding Dam) title for producing more than 5 grandchampions including: IW SGC Jungletrax Justified Prestige, Jungletrax Undaunted Courage, RW QGC Jungletrax Jefferson of Panachebengals, RW SGC Jungletrax Preservation, RW SGC Jungletrax Marquee Attraction, RW TGC Jungletrax Essential Element and Champion Jungletrax Evening Star

Ovation 02232017.jpg
Ovation and Anthony_edited.jpg
Ovation face and eyes with kittens 11265017.JPG
RW QGC Jungletrax Higer Calling
Sire: IW SGC Jungletrax Innate Equanimity
Dam: Panachebengal Solar Seraphin

I hate to play favorites but Higher Calling is one of my favorite cats, being a descendant of my other favorite cats - Ovation, Prestige, Marquee, Affinity & Nate.  She has an interesting personality and is a wonderful combination of the traits of those cats.   I could stare at her forever but it's hard to do because she is usually curled up on my lap.

Higher Calling right pattern profile spotted legs tail up Benin Leopard on stump 09102021.

CH Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair born 2012
Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Poetic Justice
Dam: RW SGC Kingsmark Constant Craving

Purrpetua has my heart with her wild look but totally loving personality.   There were four kittens in her litter and she was the first to purr and the first to walk over to me.  She is a fun cat with many great traits with my favorites being her dad's personality with her mother's playfulness. 


Personality: Completely engaged, a trip hazard.

Favorite Thing: Moving objects of any kind, TOYlover

Honors: Purrpetua is a Champion.

SPECIAL: Purrpetua is a great mother and produced Ovation in her first litter. 

Affinity in grass.JPG
1 Affinity left profile 09172017.JPG

RW QGC Jungletrax Natural Affinity 
Sire: IW OS SGC Jungletrax Justified Prestige
Dam: GC Jungletrax Purrpetual Flair

Affinity is a rival to her older sister and grandmother for near perfect beauty. Affinity was not interested in showing until she could take her first kitten, Nate, along. She is a sweet cat, suspicious of strangers but wholly devoted to her kittens and those she loves. 

Personality: Warm and devoted to those she loves.

Favorite Thing: Mice of any type.

Fun Fact: She did not like to be shown as a kitten and shrieked so loud a judge dropped her, then she purred when I picked her up. I probably have more pictures of Affinity than any other cat.

Affinity's littermate sister is RW QGC Jungletrax Effortless Attraction of Karion in AZ and is making some outstanding kittens. 

Affinity produced IW SGC Jungletrax Innate Equanimity in her first litter and is already the grandmother of incredible kittens.

1 Affinity and stump 09172017.JPG
Karion female rigth pattern profile ears tail paw print rosettes on grass 09312021.JPG
Karion female left pattern profile body on mulch 06162021.JPG
Karion female right pattern stretch walk on log tail spotted legs ears 09312021.JPG

Karion Cynosure of Jungletrax born 2021
Sire: Jungletrax Rolex Daytona of Karion 
Dam: RW QGC Jungletrax Effortless Attraction

Cynosure captures the eye of all who see her.  Thank you to Darryl Chenoweth of Karion Bengals for creating and raising her.  I visited Daryl to pick up a kitten back from Effie who was nearly 5 months old. However, when I saw the 3 week old Cynosure I asked if I could change my choice and Darryl obliged.


Cynosure came of age during the pandemic so I missed the opportunity to show her but I sure spent a lot of time enjoying her.  

Personality: Constantly purring with soothing nature.

Favorite Thing: coils and shiny objects.

SPECIAL: Cynosure looks very much like Ovation but with a thicker tail and longer body. 

Karion female eyes spotted legs chest head whiskers ears on mulch hydrangea 10092021.JPG
Fanta right pattern spotted legs profile on sidewalk 09232020.JPG
Fanta left patten white chest whiskerpads on stump 12222018.JPG
Glitter Fanta right light chest on dry leaves and grass 11042018.JPG

TGC Jungletrax Orange Fanta C born 2017
Sire: IW SGC Jungletrax Justified Prestige 
Dam: Jungletrax Countershade

Fanta is a feline confection. She is such a beautiful and vibrantly colored cat it almost appears as if she's plugged in.  Dripping with radiant gold glitter and so highly rufoused, Fanta is often picked by visitors as a favorite. 

Personality: She was a moody kitten who grew up to be one of my most loyal and relaxed cats.

Favorite Thing: EVERYTHING is a potential toy.

Fun Fact: Fanta's rufousing has been key to identifying a the genes for rufousing in Bengal Cats!  Stay tuned..

Fanta as kitten 12202017 eyes whiskers head on table by couch .JPG
Fanta Chest profile 07102018.JPG
Solar Seraphin right pattern on stump spotted legs sunshine glitter 11042018.JPG
Solar eyes white tummy right pattern on grass 06182020.JPG

Panachebengals Solar Seraphim 
Sire: RW QGC Jungletrax Jefferson of Panachebengals
Dam: Jungletrax Rosie of Panachebengals

"Sunny" is a super sweet kitten back from Panachebengals. A striking blend of her parents (Ovation's son Jefferson and Light Saber's littermate sister Rosie down from Modern Marvel), she excels as great companion and good example of a Bengal.  Few cats that don't live in a jungle have Solar's high contrast  of black markings on a yellow background with a pure white tummy!  She has already passed her good things on to several outstanding kittens. 

Personality: Happiness in fur.

Favorite Thing: sitting on laps.

Solar right pattern stretch on grass spotted rear leg tail 06182020.JPG
Solar tongue out on grass left pattern high contrast 06182018.JPG
Solar white tummy chest on back on grass 06252021.JPG
Amity right pattern profile spotted legs white tummy ears whiskers on dry leaves 12162021.

SGC Jungletrax Contrasted Amity 
Sire: IW SGC Jungletrax Innate Equanimity
Dam: Panachebengals Solar Seraphim

Amity is a beauty combining some of the best traits of her parents - Nate & Sunny. She earned her SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION title in just 4 shows competing against the top Bengals in 2022. It's not hard to see why she, white tummy, spotted tail, high contrast, small ears and enjoys the touch of every person she meets.


Personality: Really mild mannered and easygoing.

Favorite Thing: Flying bugs and falling leaves.

Nate Solar female left pattern ears eyes whiskers white chest onmulch petunias 06252021.JP
Amity white chest spotted legs ears whiskers nose eyes on dry leaves 12162021.JPG
Amity head eyes whiskers nose ears white chest spotted legs on dry leaves grass BEST 12112
Amity left pattern white chest eyes ears whiskers on grass 12112021.JPG

Jungletrax Fabulosity 
Sire: IW SGC Jungletrax Innate Equanimity
Dam: TGC Jungletrax Orange Fanta C

Fabulosity right pattern ears eyes spotted legs looking up on logs 07312021 BEST.jpg
Fabulosity right pattern eyes ears whiskers on grass caught crouch 09302021.JPG
Fabulosity profile white chest spotted legs right pattern in tall grass 09072021.JPG
Fabulosity dorsal pattern tail spotted legs neck markings glitter on tree trunk on dry lea
Fabulosity eyes whiskers spotted legs on log 11182021.JPG
Nate Illumina white tummy spotted legs face eyes ears on dry leaves 09152021.JPG
All Shade white chest white tummy spotted legs whiskers ear eyes tail on tile 10172021.JPG

Jungletrax Vermillion Sheen 
Sire: IW SGC Jungletrax Innate Equanimity
Dam: Jungletrax Illuminated Perspective

Nate Illumina female not glittered left pattern head turned profile one paw up white tummy
All Shade profile white chest spotted legs right pattern on dry leaves whiskers ears tail

Jungletrax Poured Libation 
Sire: Blinkingspark Ahseelot of Jungletrax
Dam: Koppiekatz Dreamweaver of Jungletrax

Libation left pattern rear up whiskers ears on stump dry leaves 11112021.JPG
Libation head whiskers ears eyes nose right pattern on couch 11242021.JPG
Ahseelot Dreamweaver female small left pattern head ears whiskers on grass tail up 0617202
Libation left pattern laying on couch eyes whiskers ears 11242021.JPG
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