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Jungletrax Abiding Ovation is the #1 Bengal Kitten shown in TICA in the world of 2015! Her son Prestige is the #1 Bengal Cat & Kitten in the world of 2016! 

Jungletrax Bengal Cats in the Media (click on the photo for the story)

Solar white tummy chest on back on grass 06252021.JPG
Higher Calling right pattern profile spotted legs cat show Fate Mays 02202022.JPG
Paradigm Shift left shoulder neck marking nose eyes whiskers in kitchen brick 12272021.JPG

2014 New Yorker Festival

Nate Illumina female not glittered left pattern head turned profile one paw up white tummy

Metro Edmonton News

The New York Times FRONT PAGE, print & online!

The Martha Stewart Show, 2 episodes

The Maryland Independent &

WTOP News Radio

The New Yorker Magazine and New Yorker Big Book of CATS

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