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Anthony Hutcherson
For Mid-Atlantic Regional Director & TICA Director        

We have the incredible opportunity to benefit feline enthusiasts throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia and throughout the world based on the choices we make individually as exhibitors and enthusiasts as well as collectively as members of TICA.  A Regional Director is local but our impact is global.


Innovate the way we share information with one another, the community and the world through an effective website, a dynamic magazine and vibrant materials about our organization’s mission & cats;

Innovate cat show materials to lower costs and utilize readily available technology;

Innovate the utilization of genetic screening, the value to breeders, the application of genetic knowledge to all aspects of TICA;.

Innovate our collaboration with the academic and scientific institutions to advance the appreciation of cats and the sharing of pertinent knowledge that may benefit all feline enthusiasts.


Appreciate the people who show, volunteer and represent TICA through an incentive program, rewarding the people who show, volunteer and represent TICA;

Appreciate TICA staff and contractors who are effective and while concluding ineffective contracts and modalities

Appreciate the complex and fantastic genome of the cat by encouraging, facilitating and incentivizing the means for increased genetic screening of all cats, especially breeding cats.


Educate TICA Junior Exhibitors with college scholarship program for participants in the JE Program 

Educate Members, Judges & Officials by offering a scholarship program for any Member to attend related conferences & seminars and who will write an article, create a power point or produce a webinar available for the Association;

Educate our enthusiasts with educational offerings on cat care with emphasis on innovations and advances in husbandry, medicine and TICA;

Educate the scientific and academic community about the traits, inheritance and variation familiar to enthusiasts.

Educate the public about the value of TICA as the pinnacle of the integration of feline appreciation & scientific insight about cats.


Celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the cats, members and enthusiasts of the MA region through increasing support of regional awards and banquets;

Celebrate the distinction of the Household Pet Cat in the MA region and throughout TICA;

Celebrate TICA as the innovative registry that revolutionized the way cats are understood & appreciated


TICA Related Experience

  • Exhibitor in the MA region since October 1995 –to current

  • Founder of MA Clubs Capital Cat Club (current), Junglelovers Cat Club, Member of Central Jersey Cat Fanciers & Lehigh Valley Cat Fanciers

  • Represented TICA at conferences, in the media and before political bodies

  • Chair of Bengal Cat Breed section 2009-2018, largest breed section in TICA, member since 2001

  • Member TICA Marketing & Outreach Committee 2015 - present

  • Volunteer author of “All Kinds of Purrfect” (TICA’s New Coloring Book) and articles in TICA Trend since 1996

  • 2015 International Canine & Feline Genomics Conference Attendee, Cambridge, England UK

  • 2015 Tufts Canine & Feline Genetics & Breeding Conference Attendee

  • 1997 Penn State Feline Genetics Conference Attendee

Professional Experience

Producer of Events for Business Leaders, Celebrities, Gov’t Officials and European Royalty in North America & Europe

Communications Manager for the largest privately funded college scholarship organizations in the US

Social Work, AA, College of Southern Maryland

Animal Science, BS, University of Maryland College Park

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